About Let me introduce myself.

Hello, I am Daphne Shepherd.

I’m an author (yes, International bestseller), a Thinking into Results Certified Consultant (Proctor Gallagher Institute), and life prosperity coach.

… and that last part? The prosperity part? That’s my dream for you, too. For you to realize your highest potential and get exactly what you really want for your life.

Listen, isn't it YOUR time to get the most out of your life? After all, this is YOUR life and you deserve and can have the very best. Don't just settle for what you think you can get...don't let fear derail you from achieving your innermost dreams and goals... don't let overwhelm or bad habits stop you.

By the conclusion of the workshop, you will have a crystal clear vision of how to achieve all the things you really want in life. It's much closer than you think but understand this, understanding precedes change.

Imagine yourself liberated from the day-to-day grind - freedom with both time and finances to really enjoy life.

Imagine having the confidence to create the life you really want, to go after your biggest goals and to take charge of your life.

Imagine experiencing true fulfillment - like you're not just going through the motions, but you're living a life of purpose and meaning.

There’s no secret to success, there are principles that when understood and applied will change your life forever.

That’s why I’m proud to invite you to our one-day workshop ~ “It’s an Inside Job”. It’s an experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

Please check back for the announcement of the 2019/2020 workshop dates and join us in Stonewall, Manitoba at the beautiful Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre for a most inspiring, life-affecting, change-inciting and thought provoking one-day event.

#1 Amazon International Best Seller!

Daphne spent years; decades even looking for her "purpose". Along her journey she discovered 2 very important facts:

  1. Living day to day with a sense of purpose is imperative to the very essence of all life

  2. That there is phenomenal opportunity for the person who really understands themselves

In her life-enhancing new book, Path to Abundance ~ It's Your Time, Daphne Shepherd reveals in a 'show and tell' format the guiding life principles that empowered her to transform her physique and conjure up the courage to leave a career that she was very comfortable in for one that earned her over $1 million with no previous experience.

All the resources you need can be found by looking within. It's about loving deeply and serving freely; it's about sharing the unique gifts and talents that only you can share with the world. Likely your purpose is close at hand.

Order my book Path to Abundance - It's Your Time.

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What To Expect This Workshop Is About You

A one-day multi-faceted workshop that is educating, enlightening and empowering. A workshop that stirs and opens new pathways of thinking about who you are and the integral role you play within your work environment, family and home life. “It’s an Inside Job” helps participants not only understand but transcend from self limiting beliefs, fears and binding patterns to a more creative and harmonized state with a renewed self directive and life script brought about through thought provoking exercises and engaging interactions.

This workshop is all about YOU. It expands the mind to the possibilities that lie within by identifying crucial key components of the individual mindset that helps drive success, maximize opportunities, lead to breakthroughs, build awareness and unblock trapped potential enabling you to achieve optimal living as defined by yourself and bring into your life renewed meaning, peace and fulfillment.

See you soon… and be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

What Participants Receive:

  • One-day full admission to “Its an Inside Job” mind expanding workshop.
  • Participants Workbook.
  • Activating Your Brilliance Goal Card.
  • Copy of International Best Selling Book “Path to Abundance ~ It’s Your Time”
  • Refreshments

Early Bird Registration

$9900 *plus GST
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Regular Registration

$12900 *plus GST
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"I would have paid $1,000.00 for this workshop!" ~ C.Schellenberg

What's Next After you've registered

Once your registration is received, we will send you information on how to participate and take full advantage in ~It’s an Inside Job~ workshop via email. This helps us get the information to you quickly. You should email questions@activatingyourbrilliance.com or call (204) 782-5397 if you suspect that you are not receiving email notices.

Itinerary What's Going On

Here is a glimpse of just a few of the topics that will be covering over this powerful one-day event that you wont want to miss.....

WHY the Start Stops Most People

~ The knowing-doing gap paralyzes us from doing what we really want in our life. Here you will gain an understanding on how to bridge and eliminate this gap by applying principles and the concepts necessary to create a thriving life. This will put an end to "mere hoping and wishing"

I² ~ The SOLUTION that Lies Within

~ Every day we are faced with a myriad of choices and decisions. At certain times, these can be daunting and can weigh heavy on us if we are always reacting. The trap?... we fatigue and our goals and aspirations become elusive. Here, you will learn another way so you immediately take back control.


~ All the great leaders through time unanimously agree on one thing: "You become what you think about". What image do you hold of yourself? This exercise will re-frame any destructive negative images you hold of yourself and have you walk away with a tangible, powerful and positive message for your night table, desk or favorite room in your home.

A Simple MUST DO Life Exercise

~ This exercise is perhaps the most powerful of all designed to create an immediate positive shift within. In order to harness creative energy to bring more abundant experience into your life, you MUST make feeling good a priority. When you feel good you release and replace negative, damaging emotions.

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Morning Seminar:



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Afternoon Seminar:


Activating Your Brilliance’s culture is one of empowering and authenticating people with their life purpose. Our seminars are joy filled, fun loving, safe, supportive and creative. It is our promise that our workshop environment reflects this at all times. Therefore, we don’t accept critical, dismissive or judgmental people into our midst. Only beautiful, supportive like-minded people like yourself!

The *Registration must be received before midnight of December 23rd, 2019 to quality for Early Bird Special Pricing*

We will provide a refund of your registration fee, minus an administrative fee of $25. Refund requests must contain the email address used to purchase the registration and your physical billing address, and must be submitted via email to hello_daphne@mtsmail.ca.

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Refunds are generally sent within two to four weeks. In the event of an unavoidable cancellation due to an Act of God or other intervening circumstance, no refunds will be issued. Existing registrations will be honored when the event is rescheduled.