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Are you just starting out in your real estate career? Or, maybe you are a seasoned Agent looking to catapult your existing business to the next level. Or, maybe you are looking for a REFRESH and RESET of your current business model and mindset to breath life back into your business...

WHERE EVER you are in your career, this thought provoking, educating and empowering 1-day workshop is for YOU and about YOU.

“An Amazing Experience That I Will Never Forget!”

I was very optimistic about what I would get out of the workshop as it focused on “self-discovery” based on the principles from Napoleon Hills book ~ Think and Grow Rich and Daphne’s experience as a life coach and mentor.

I was amazed how much I took away that I could immediately apply to my personal and professional life. It has made me see a different side of myself and has helped me put together a future plan for self-improvement. My confidence has soared with the knowledge.

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who has ever struggled with goal setting either personal or professional. You learn that the creation of positive energy within you will help to bring a better understanding of who you are and what you want out of life.

This was a truly amazing experience that I will never forget!

Catherine Schellenberg
RE/MAX professionals
2015 RE/MAX of Western Canada Manager of the Year

WHAT IF you could wake up every day...

enthused, comfortable and confident that your real estate business is sound? How would that feel for you and your family? And, that you have an exceptional rapport with your clients and with your business associates and there exists an ongoing stream of warm referrals? WHAT IF?... you could eliminate production peaks and valleys? WHAT IF?… you can shed those clients that bind you. That’s right, those clients that create animosity, guilt and are a nagging frustration for you. Well, you can and this is a 1-day learning experience like none other. STOP searching outside yourself. The success of your business wont be found in the latest app, it wont be found in a power point presentation, a seminar nor the up and coming leading edge tech class … so stop chasing.

When we get caught up in always looking for more, frustration sets in. The skills and technology learned in our industry are important however, secondary. Human interaction is primary. Disengage marketing at clients and instead engage in human interaction from a heightened level of awareness … one life, one conversation at a time. To do this effectively in your business, you have to gain an understanding of who you are in the equation. Uncover a deeper level of the unique gifts and talents that not only set you apart but that only you can bring to the table … to the conversation … to the listing presentation … to the negotiation table. YOU are the focus of this 1-day discovery.

I2 for Real Estate is not a motivational speaking event, it is a teaching summit where participants will learn about a success technique which reveals 6 key components to catapult their real estate business.

  • Defeat procrastination, conquer self defeating habits, increase productivity and in doing so, find peace of mind both in your business and home life.

  • Learn the key components that drive growth and create wealth.

  • Create an awareness and dive into strategies that will win the day, every day.

  • Identify and avoid the land mines that will sabotage your success and begin to create your own economy.

  • Identify and re evaluate the negative beliefs that are causing resistance in your day-to-day operations.

  • Learn the difference between goal setting and goal achieving. Because once you have learned the systematic approach to setting the right goals backed by the lawful process behind goal achieving, you will expose yourself to a brand new world of possibilities and promise. A world and thought process where there are NO LIMITS.


Back in 2006, Daphne began her studies in the very principles that are covered in this seminar. She continues her studies and mentorship today alongside Bob Proctor who is widely known from his leading role in the movie “The Secret”. Daphne went from earning $10.20 per hour to well over six figures within her first 18 months in real estate with absolutely no sales experience. She went on to manage one of the largest real estate offices in Manitoba for one year while selling real estate but her portfolio was growing so fast that she had to resign from the management position to service her growing clientele base.

In 2013 she was acknowledged for earning in excess of $1 million in paid commissions. She has never looked back. In 2011 and every year since, Daphne has also been acknowledged by her local real estate board with a prestigious medallion award that celebrates the achievements of their most successful REALTORS® (top 10%).

Sound like a familiar REALTOR® success story gone industry teacher? Well, what we didn’t tell you is that Daphne lives in a small market demographic of only 1000 people yet, by applying the very principles you will learn, she has achieved extraordinary success. Daphne wants nothing more than to share these success principles with you so that you can do exactly what you want – that’s right, anything you want – in your real estate business or in your life coupled with all the joy, fulfillment and inspiration you’ve imagined.

At Bob's home in Toronto

Listen… there’s no secret to success, there are principles that when understood and applied will change your life forever.

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How long are you going to watch others do what you want to do?

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